Pak Thong Chai

Welcome to the Pak Thong Chai guide :-) At first sight, this town might look like any other normal Thai municipality; but upon second sight one will discover its beauty. It’s a lovely and beautiful place where one can enjoy some moments of peace and happiness. Pak Thong Chai offers lovely parks, beautiful lakes, precious temples, affordable restaurants with delicious foods, and a broad range of sport facilities. You also find a good choice of shops where you find your daily necessities. If you go a little outside of the town, you will discover the beauty of the landscape with its endless green rice fields.

In this section of the IBC website you find all the needed information about local markets, restaurants, supermarkets, various kind of shops, banks & post offices, medical and optical care, parks, and about sightseeing possibilities in and around Pak Thong Chai and Korat.

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