Regarding to our new students orientation program

Report By Sayalay Tikkhanani

This is a very useful program for every new student. It helps us know what we need, see how the education system is in IBC, and the opportunities of gaining scholarship for ourselves.

From his speech, we had chance to know IBC’s development and how the most venerable Dr. Wei Wu and his followers founded it. His warm welcome speech to new students gave us trust in IBC for our higher education. We had a blessing speech from Ven. Anandajoti. He gave us energy and confidence to learn here. Through self-introduction and cultural exchange sessions, students got to know one another, one another’s homeland, different traditions and different Buddhist practices. This was a real need for those who were interested in Buddhist learning. The environment was peaceful, tranquil and fresh. We truly enjoyed the ice breaking session together. Through this ice breaking session, I learnt some sense of how important team leadership is and how to pass messages accurately to colleagues. As for library, I was surprised at how generous a space it was with both Chinese and English sections. We found the Kalyana Mitra program very impressive. I had never heard about it in my previous school years. Between the sessions, the Kalyana Mitra group sang for us and gave some yoga exercises to relieve the tension in our eyes.

The last and most refreshing program was undoubtedly the orientation trip. We greatly enjoyed the trip and were busy in Tesco Lotus shopping mall. Thanks to IBC for everything we have learnt during our orientation time.
Long may IBC last!!!