IBC New Student Orientation Program (NSOP), 2018

By Ven. Ayon Barua Auvi

IBC New Student Orientation Program was organized with variety of events and activities in order to draw attention of the new students and to make them acquainted and get ready for their oncoming academic years at IBC. The program was comprised of various events organized in three days. The NSOP would be memorable for the new students as it enabled them to get along with the other new and senior students coming from different countries with various cultural backgrounds and many aspects of their campus life.

On July 25 morning, the opening ceremony of NSOP started with the offering of light to the Triple Gem and followed by welcoming speech on the introduction of IBC motto, philosophy, vision, mission and objectives by the Most Venerable Dr. Wei Wu, the founder and the Council Chairman of IBC. Venerable Anandajoti Bhikkhu gave a motivation speech on the four universal qualities like loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity so that new students can extend their inner qualities and wholesome interests adopting these noble values and to be able to accept the challenges while they are studying here at IBC. After the morning session of the first day of NSOP, we took group photos with all the members of IBC together.

NSOP committee members, along with kitchen team, cooked delicious traditional and national foods and dishes. Everyone together enjoyed the international cuisines very much.

After the lunch, the program continued for one and half hour where new students introduced themselves and had a mutual and friendly interaction with the Malaysian KM group for a while. Then we had ice-breaking program and on hearing the title “ice-breaking”, new students expected and excited to do something with the ice, however, ice-breaking session was full of some fun games to their surprise. This session meant to bring everyone closer to each other by playing some interesting games together with Malaysian KM group members. The games were very interesting and the students enjoyed all the educative games very much. Next the new students were presented a brief introduction of quality assurance (QA) on the higher education of Thailand by Ven. Satyajit. There was ICT briefing by our senior lecturer Dr. Fa Qing and Ven. Dhananjoy Barua, IBC librarian and lecturer, gave briefing on IBC library.

On 26th July, the program was nicely continued with the scheduled activities such as speech on The Value of Buddhist Education for Adapting Different Cultures by Prof. Tilak Kaiyawasam who is the dean of graduate school, sharing of senior students with the new students and academic briefing by Sister Fong Seong, the administrative director of IBC and Ven. Rahula, Faculty Secretary, and briefing on passport and Visa matters by sister Kankamol Siripunyaporn, briefing on educational assistance, KM duties, Campus tour etc by Ven. Dr. Zhen Yuan, the director of student affiars, sharing of Thai cultures by Ven. Narong Chaiyatha, Bro. Jaroon Chaibao and Sis. Rudeeduan Somkasedrin. Last but not the least cultural exchange was performed by the new students by presenting their countries' own cultures to the audience.

28th July, the last day of orientation program was full of excitements. IBC arranged an interesting trip to some of the fantastic places in Hat Yai city. We visited Hat Yai Municipal Park, Stainless Steel Temple, Dhamma Sakol Meditation center, Hatyai Nai Temple and so on. Finally after shopping, everyone returned to IBC joyfully.

The entire program was planned and organized by the NSOP committee members with their friendly and helpful manners for the new students. The Program has been a momentous event not only for new students but also for NSOP members who got involved themselves in performing and sharing their respective responsibilities and experiences to make smooth transactions for new students at their new home, IBC.

IBC NSOP organizing committee Members, 2018;

Chief Coordinator 总协调 : Ven. Narong Chaiyatha
Secretary 秘书 : Ven. Joymony Tanchangya
Photography & AV 摄影 : Bro. Stanzin , Ven. Ayon Barua, Ven. Chinh Muenlouang
Venue : Ven. Chinh Muenlouang & team
Transportation : Bro. Khoo Ban Thong & Sis. Rudeeduan Somkasedrin
Documentation : Bro. Jaroon Chaibao

Reception, drink & beverage :
Sis. Rudeeduan Somkasedrin,
Ven. Li Ji Meng,
Bro. Jaroon Chaibao,
Sis. Ani Barua

Web Reporter : Ven. Ayon Barua Auvi

Food :
Ven. Anirban,
Ven. Nishan,
Ven. Joy
Ven. Li Zi Meng,
Sis. Ani Barua,

Other Members :
Ven. Aggadhamma,
Ven. Sumanarathana,
Ven. Singkham,
Ven. Hui Chun. .